Saturday Status 10/18/14

Bz1eUspIQAAbsXS<—THIS is autumn in Wyoming. We’re actually getting an autumn here! It’s so pretty. I can see why it’s a favorite for many. So yet another Saturday where I haven’t much to report, but here I am anyway.

Work in Progress News ~ Plugging away on Letters to Victor, my story about the ski patrol. It’s coming along, just not as quickly as I wish it were. I might be distracted by October baseball…

Favorite Song of the Week ~ This Amerindian music is Peruvian with a modern kick. I get goosebumps.

Only very talented musicians can dance like that then play any kind of wind instrument with that kind of control. Believe me.

Tweet of the Week ~

Industry News ~ I’ve got nothing new. I guess no news is good news? So there’s some good news.

22763272What I’m reading ~ Look at this: Thirteen amazing authors, thirteen military m/m romances. One dollar. You can’t lose. I also can’t post all 13 blurbs here, but click on that cover to read them from Amazon.

Today’s Tearjerker ~

Book Snippet ~ From Taking Her There:

“Lately I haven’t been working. Just a whole lot of staring and cussing. Maybe a little screaming.” He took her empty glass and set it beside his.

“Try music?” She cuddled back against him.

“From rap to opera. I think I’ve tried everything.” He reached down to cup her ass through her robe. “But with this kind of distraction, why would I want to focus?”

“Oh now, don’t blame me. I don’t want the governor on my ass. I’ve managed to stay off political naughty lists so far.”

“You’re naughty?” He rolled them both over until he had her pinned beneath him. “I think that’s half your appeal.”

“Only because you’re naughtier.”

That’ll do it for me. See you next week!

Saturday Status 10/4/14

Saturday again! And it’s October, which means awesome baseball! Except my team didn’t make it to the postseason, I still had fun watching all year. So who do I root for to win it all?

Work in Progress News ~ I’ve been working on my ski patrol story, titled Letters from Victor. Maybe I’ll get it done before ski season! Wouldn’t that be great? I’ll put sweet chocolaty offerings on my Muse’s shrine, we’ll see if that helps. I signed up for the Romance Times convention in Dallas in May of 2015, and I refuse to go without a new book out, so maybe that will light a fire under my butt.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Keith Urban’s new one. And his HAIR IS BACK YOU GUYS!! I really like this song, but I might need a NSFW warning on the video…whoo weee!!

Backlist News ~ As of  tomorrow, my book AT EASE will no longer be available. I got the rights back from Ellora’s Cave, and it will be off the shelf as I ponder its new home. I’m ridiculously happy about this.

Tweet of the Week ~

Industry News ~  It’s not really news anymore, but a couple of weeks ago, digital first erotic romance publisher Ellora’s Cave came under scrutiny, then filed suit against their scrutinizers. There are several blog posts that explain the whole situation better than I could.  Here You Go.  That should do it.

What I’m reading ~ Nothing new this week, I’ve been re-reading some old favorites. I can’t be the only one who does this, right? I mean seriously, there are some books I just can’t get enough of. If they were made of paper they’d be pretty worn right now. Plus, I find it easier to fall asleep to a book I’ve already read. I’ve got plenty of books in my TBR, but if you’ve read something recently that you loved, let me know! My TBR can never be too big.

Today’s Tearjerker ~

Book Snippet ~ From Letters from Victor, my work in progress:

“I’m not in the habit of getting guys stupid drunk to seduce them.”

Nathan set both bottles of water on the glass coffee table and leaned in. “Good thing then, because I’m not stupid drunk. I’ve got just enough in my system to make me think that bringing you here is a very good idea. And don’t worry. You’re not the one that’ll be doing the seducing.”

Okay, that’s it for me. Hope you guys have a great weekend! If you’d like to join in on the Saturday Status parade, just use the hashtag #SaturdayStatus so I can find you on Twitter.

Saturday Status 9/20/14

3788625_sHello! We’re sneaking up on what some of you call “Autumn”, but it’s just pre-winter to me.  Hoping the weather stays mild enough for the leaves to change colors before they freeze and drop dead.  (Why do I live here again??)

Work in Progress News ~ Dean started talking to me! I feel so honored. I’ve been able to focus on him for a few days now, and it feels good!

Favorite Song of the Week ~ 97 year old Fred Stobaugh wrote a poem about his late wife, and the good folks at Green Shoe Studio put it to music and made this very cool video. Please feel free to support Fred by purchasing this on iTunes or Amazon. If you can see through your tears to click. This is so good, it doubles as today’s tearjerker! Okay, I’m cheating.

Tweet of the Week ~

Industry News ~ A new Kindle! The Kindle Voyage, which is a lighter, thinner, and sharper Paperwhite. There are a lot of pretty cool features on it, but my favorite is the etched glass, which gives it the feel of paper. Seriously! You can have it all for a dollar under $200. At this point, I’m happy with my Paperwhite. Just like I’m not camping out for a new phone this week either. I’ll just caress a paperback as I’m reading.

22428748What I’m reading ~ A new one by Cameron Dane’s alter ego Jamie Urban! Jamie writes a little less intense scenes than Cameron, but I love her both ways. This is a friends to lovers GFY-ish.

If a sexy, straight lifeguard and a closeted, virginal geek can get past their fears they might have a shot to turn their unlikely friendship into a scorching-hot chance at true love. The Lifeguard and the Geek by Jamie Urban proves that sometimes best friends make the best lovers!

retreat-cinecover-smallerBook Snippet ~ From Retreat:

“I don’t trust myself around you Andi. You come near me, and I forget every restriction I’ve forced on myself.” His voice turned husky, like the low voice of a sensuous jazz singer. His breath in her ear was the music.

“I’m sorry. Do you want me to go?” Her eyelids were sealed, and she couldn’t seem to lift them to his.

“Yes. I do. I want you to get far away from me.” His statement was belied by the actions of his mouth, his hands, his hips. “I want you to start dressing in long heavy robes and veils so I can’t see your sweet body and gorgeous face. I want you to stop using that perfume that drives me to distraction when you walk past me.” He pressed his hard arousal against her, and caught his breath. “I want you to make me forget what it was like with you.”


Okay, so it’s a short report this week. You guys have a great weekend!

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