Saturday Status 10/18/14

Bz1eUspIQAAbsXS<—THIS is autumn in Wyoming. We’re actually getting an autumn here! It’s so pretty. I can see why it’s a favorite for many. So yet another Saturday where I haven’t much to report, but here I am anyway.

Work in Progress News ~ Plugging away on Letters to Victor, my story about the ski patrol. It’s coming along, just not as quickly as I wish it were. I might be distracted by October baseball…

Favorite Song of the Week ~ This Amerindian music is Peruvian with a modern kick. I get goosebumps.

Only very talented musicians can dance like that then play any kind of wind instrument with that kind of control. Believe me.

Tweet of the Week ~

Industry News ~ I’ve got nothing new. I guess no news is good news? So there’s some good news.

22763272What I’m reading ~ Look at this: Thirteen amazing authors, thirteen military m/m romances. One dollar. You can’t lose. I also can’t post all 13 blurbs here, but click on that cover to read them from Amazon.

Today’s Tearjerker ~

Book Snippet ~ From Taking Her There:

“Lately I haven’t been working. Just a whole lot of staring and cussing. Maybe a little screaming.” He took her empty glass and set it beside his.

“Try music?” She cuddled back against him.

“From rap to opera. I think I’ve tried everything.” He reached down to cup her ass through her robe. “But with this kind of distraction, why would I want to focus?”

“Oh now, don’t blame me. I don’t want the governor on my ass. I’ve managed to stay off political naughty lists so far.”

“You’re naughty?” He rolled them both over until he had her pinned beneath him. “I think that’s half your appeal.”

“Only because you’re naughtier.”

That’ll do it for me. See you next week!

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