Love’s a Beach Blog Hop

Wel­come! It’s anoth­er won­der­ful guid­ed tour through the Romance­landia Blo­gos­phere (Can I use two fake words in a row like that?) If you’re just hap­pen­ing by, just click on that ban­ner above, it will take you to the begin­ning of the hop (or wher­ev­er you left off) I can prac­ti­cal­ly feel sum­mer slip­ping away from […]

Sexy Summer Solstice Hop

Wel­come to the Sexy Sum­mer Sol­stice Hop with JustRomance.Me!  I can’t think of a bet­ter way to wel­come sum­mer. This week­end I’ll be check­ing in from Den­ver, CO for Rom­Con! I’m excit­ed. Fol­low me on Twit­ter, I’ll be post­ing pics and rub­bing elbows with some real­ly great authors. Sum­mers in the Rock­ies can’t be beat. […]