Saturday Status 6/6/2015

WP_20150526_003Howdy! It’s been a while. Not that you’ve missed any­thing. I did have a good time in Dal­las dur­ing the RT Con­fer­ence. It was cloudy the whole time, but still warm. I met my idol, San­dra Brown, and only embar­rassed myself a lit­tle bit. I think. I know I bab­bled a lot and my face glowed red. This pic­ture is from a recent trip to Col­orado. Pic­tures nev­er do moun­tains justice.

Work in Progress News ~ Plug­ging away on my fire­fight­er sto­ry. I final­ly came up with a bit of an inter­nal con­flict, but I think it needs more, so we’ll see what hap­pens. Pants­ing is hard, guys.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ You prob­a­bly remem­ber Howard Jones from his 1980s synth days, but he’s still writ­ing and per­form­ing music, and I think he’s only got­ten bet­ter. (That’s a play on words if you’re a HoJo fan) The video is pret­ty psychedelic…

Flipped-by-Olivia-Brynn-cinecoverBack­list Review ~ From FLIPPED which is on sale through the end of the month for only $0.99! Lasha at Dark Diva Reviews gave Flipped 4 12 Delight­ful Divas and this review: “What I loved about Flipped by Olivia Brynn was the rela­tion­ship between Carter and Mario. You could feel the his­to­ry, love and friend­ship between the two men as you were read­ing. Plus, once they decide to become lovers…wow, there was some seri­ous chem­istry going on there! But then Ms. Brynn adds in the extra twist that both men are tops, so how will this affect them in the long run if they decide they want a rela­tion­ship and not just a one night stand? That is not a plot device I’ve nor­mal­ly seen in m/m books, where so many char­ac­ters switch, so the orig­i­nal­i­ty of that plot point real­ly perked my interest.”

Tweet of the Week ~ 

51l05G0idHL.SX316What I’m read­ing ~  A real­ly nice and easy read:

Ley­la Kari­mi can’t keep her eyes off the hunky guy liv­ing in the house behind her. How coul­dany woman resist ogling Dr. Mason Bar­rett, espe­cial­ly when he makes it so easy by parad­ing around in his skin and skivvies?

If it was only their age dif­fer­ence, she would have made a move a long time ago. Except Mason is more than a neigh­bor. He’s her baby brother’s old­est friend. It’s not like they can have a casu­al fling and walk away in the morning.

Today’s Tear­jerk­er ~ This per­for­mance artist and her lover went their sep­a­rate ways years ago. As she per­forms a piece at MOMA where she shares a minute of silence with a stranger, her for­mer lover Ulay sat down in the emp­ty chair. A third artist, a musi­cian, saw the video and wrote the song you hear. Okay, if you just read that para­graph, you can skip ahead to about 36 sec­onds on the video.

Book Snip­pet ~ From Flipped:

Mario tossed aside the sweat-soaked T‑shirt he’d just peeled over his head and turned, to look over his shoul­der at Carter. Every win­dow in the house stood wide open, but there was­n’t a breeze to clean out the stuffy air caused by dry­wall dust, the com­pres­sor for the air-pow­ered tools, and the sweat and heat from two male bodies.

Too hot for you?”

Very hot.” Carter set the trow­el down and took off his own shirt. “But I think I can han­dle it.”

Mario watched each mus­cle in Carter’s abs rip­ple back into place as he low­ered his arms. The freck­le on his hip­bone peeked from behind his waist­band, mak­ing Mar­i­o’s mouth water. “Maybe we should work in sep­a­rate rooms. I think I’d get more done if I did­n’t stop to stare and day­dream every thir­ty seconds.”

Carter shook his head. “Nice try. I know you hate dry­wall, and this is your way of get­ting out of fin­ish­ing this job.” He crossed the room, a dan­ger­ous glint in his eye.

That’s it for this week. I’m enjoy­ing the weath­er here on top of this moun­tain. Hope you all get some fresh air as well!

Whadd'ya think?