Saturday Status 3/14/15

4384942_blogIt’s St. Pat’s Week­end! Do you have plans? I’ll be in Mis­souri, but I’ll be home in time to see an Irish band in con­cert on the 17th. I usu­al­ly get a corned beef, but I’m not sure I’ll have time this year. I’ll have to set­tle for my annu­al pint of Guinness.

Work in Progress News ~ I don’t want to talk about it.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ It’s St Patrick­’s Day Week­end!! I hope all of you with even a lit­tle bit of Irish inside (even if it’s in spir­it rather than blood) will have a great and safe week­end. Here’s some River­dance for you guys.

Back­list Review ~ This is the only review for Com­pa­ny Ink! If you’d like to read this title in exchange for an hon­est review, please email me at This is from Pearl’s World of Romance, where it received a score of 84:

In 5 short chap­ters COMPANY INK offered every­thing I look for in a sexy con­tem­po­rary novel­la: heat, chem­istry, humor and exter­nal con­flict. Wrapped up in a tight, fast-paced pack­age I went through it quick and easy and was left yearn­ing for more when I finished.

Tweet of the Week ~

Indus­try News ~ A new app that changes out “dirty” words in an ebook, called Clean­Read­er was intro­duced this week, leav­ing many authors a bit frus­trat­ed with the thought of an app chang­ing their work. I per­son­al­ly don’t care what you do with my book once you pur­chase it it’s yours to do with as you please. What are your thoughts?

24897203What I’m read­ing ~ This Fairy Tale retelling col­lec­tion is a lot of fun, and it includes some authors that I’ve per­son­al­ly met, and are great peo­ple.  It’s lim­it­ed time offer of $.99 for 11 books is pret­ty damn good, guys. Get to it:

Today’s Tear­jerk­er ~ I’ve always want­ed to learn sign language…

Book Snip­pet ~ From Com­pa­ny Ink:

CI Snip

That’s it for me. I’m enjoy­ing spring­time in Mis­souri this week. I hope you all get out and enjoy some spring weath­er. Hap­py St Pats!

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