Six Sentence Sunday 8/21/11

Howdy! Today I’m shar­ing six sen­tences from a WiP that’s been on my back burn­er for a while. It’s my sec­ond his­tor­i­cal west­ern which even has a title! MURPHY’S TREASURE A book set in the 19th cen­tu­ry Amer­i­can west. We’ll see.

This couldn’t be the spot. The ground below hadn’t been dis­turbed. Cen­turies of rain and wind had com­pact­ed the earth into one big sand­stone. If some­one had buried some­thing here, it would be a hell of a lot eas­i­er to dig up. It was his own stub­born pride that made him con­tin­ue dig­ging. She told him this was the wrong place, he just didn’t want to lis­ten. He didn’t want her to be right–not again.

He should prob­a­bly get used to it. Real­ly. Once they get to the point when they fig­ure out that “she’s always right” things go a lot smoother.

Have a great week!

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