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It’s been a while since I post­ed any­thing oth­er than my Six Sen­tence Sun­day snip­pets. Not that I have much to say, and not that I think any­one but my mom reads my blog snort. I thought I’d start post­ing an update every week. This way any­one who hap­pens to stop by can see that I actu­al­ly do more than tweet all day (occa­sion­al­ly) and maybe see­ing the same update every week will give me moti­va­tion to get off  my butt and write!

Back­list News~ Noth­ing going on with my back­list. Movie rights are still up for sale, and Oprah’s off the air. Dammit. 

New Release News~ Pre­View is all edit­ed! For those of you who read Pre­ja Vu, it’s the same sto­ry, just refreshed, re-edit­ed, re-cov­ered, and will be repub­lished at Cari­na Press in ear­ly Sep­tem­ber. Just in time for Cari­na’s Roman­tic Sus­pense Week! I know, I haven’t shared the cov­er with the world, but as soon as I get per­mis­sion, I’ll do that. The blurb is on Goodreads, so you can see what it’s all about there. 

Works In Progress News ~ I’ve got about three works I’d love to fin­ish as Alan­na. One is a roman­tic sus­pense, as yet unti­tled, that I was shar­ing six sen­tences at a time every Sun­day. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it got to a spot where it would bore you to tears to read it like that, so I’ve stopped post­ing. The file name is Park­er, and it’s at about 16,000 of an esti­mat­ed 60,000 words. I haven’t touched it in weeks though. I’m also work­ing on a con­tem­po­rary with a para­nor­mal twist. No title for that either, its file name is Ian. (Can you tell I title my WiPs as my hero names? Yeah, I’m a dork.) Ian’s only about 8K. I plan on it end­ing up around 60K as well. I’ve also got an his­tor­i­cal west­ern with a  trea­sure hunt plot. That one’s been per­co­lat­ing in the back of my mind for a while, and I real­ly like the char­ac­ters there. Unfor­tu­nate­ly Olivia has tak­en over the lap­top, she seems to think that her m/m con­tem­po­rary is more impor­tant than all of my oth­er works. She’s pret­ty pushy too, so I give in. 

Indus­try News ~ I found it very inter­est­ing that JK Rowl­ing is releas­ing her Har­ry Pot­ter series in dig­i­tal for­mat, and all by her lone­some. Good on ya JK! Wel­come to the future! Her plan is genius. Read about it Here.

Upcom­ing Events ~ I’ll be guest blog­ging at the Nine Naughty Nov­el­ist’s blog lat­er this month. I met most of these ladies at the RT con­ven­tion in LA ear­li­er this year, and I just want­ed to turn into a rav­ing fan­girl who dress­es like the NNNs. They’re a great bunch of ladies, and a whole lot of fun, espe­cial­ly with PG’s wine and choco­late. But I digress, link to my guest blog com­ing soon. 

Real Life News ~ The weath­er on top of this moun­tain is gor­geous. Our sum­mers are enough to make 90% of you drool with jeal­ousy. Not too hot, not too cool. The only prob­lem is they’re not too long either. Got­ta enjoy these months while we can! Also, my daugh­ter turned 16, and I haven’t seen her since. Hav­ing anoth­er dri­ver in the house is pret­ty handy. I don’t think I’ll have to “run to the store because I ran out of _____” for months. 

Favorite Song of the Week ~ On My Lev­el, by Wiz Khal­i­fa, fea­tur­ing Too Short. Love the bass on this, and the low har­mo­ny. Imag­ine me cruis­ing down these small-town streets with this song cranked loud enough to shake the mir­rors. Yeah that’s me. NSFW video:

I sup­pose that’s it for this week. Any top­ics you’d like to see a week­ly rehash on the blog? Oth­er­wise, see you tomor­row for Six Sen­tences from either one of my Works in Progress, or a pub­lished work. I haven’t decid­ed yet. Thanks for stop­ping by! 

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  1. The peek into the news is fas­ci­nat­ing! Can’t wait to hear more/read about Park­er, Ian, etc. 

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