Six Sentence Sunday 7/3/11


Tis the week­end for patri­o­tism! Cana­da Day on Fri­day, and Inde­pen­dence Day on Mon­day! I searched through my pub­lished books for six patri­ot­ic sen­tences. I could­n’t find any, but I did notice that more than one set of char­ac­ters enjoy our nation­al pas­time. Base­ball! I won­der where they get that.…blush Here are six from my book Fine Print:

The Braves made it fif­teen innings–that run in the end was bull­shit and you know it.” Derek spoke into the phone, using his free hand around Kara’s waist to keep her beside him amid the throngs of sta­di­um evac­uees. “No way; keep your Angels, man. The Braves are gonna pull out of this slump.”

Kara liked to lis­ten to Derek talk. His voice was com­mand­ing, but not abra­sive, and low enough to vibrate against her.

I’ll have you know that I don’t like the Braves. At all. But thanks to my cov­er art request error, I end­ed up with an Atlanta sky­line (I got my books mixed up, okay?) I had to change Derek from a Rangers fan to a Braves fan dur­ing edits. I can’t tell you how much that hurt me (Apolo­gies to Braves fan). In con­so­la­tion, his name is Derek, in homage to the best short­stop in his­to­ry. sigh

Any­way, enjoy your hol­i­day week­end, and have fun read­ing the pletho­ra of SSS Posts,  all list­ed at the offi­cial web­site.

18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 7/3/11

  1. all on deaf ears here, I know noth­ing about either of the teams of which you talk about — but nice six, like how he wants to keeps Kara safe amid the throngs of sta­di­um evacuees! 

  2. Won­der­ing why the sta­di­um was being evac­u­at­ed. Lots of excite­ment — good job! 

    1. Oh no, it was total­ly my fault. I told the cov­er artist that the sto­ry was set in Atlanta, as one of my oth­er WiPs is…but it was set in Dal­las. Rather than make my cov­er artist change the cov­er, I just fixed the manuscript. 

  3. My CP slips base­ball snip­pets into all her books too. lol All of which fly right over my head since I am not a base­ball watcher. 

    I do like how your hero wants his hero­ine close, even when he is dis­tract­ed on the cell. 

  4. Thanks every­one! I’m a big base­ball fan. It’s a great game…actually takes some brains to play 🙂 

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