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Wel­come to my blog! You should have come from Ella Drake’s site, and if you’re just stum­bling across this post, head on over to Paige Tyler’s place, that’s where the fun began. I hope you take some time to look around. My con­tri­bu­tion to the grand prize is a copy of my con­tem­po­rary roman­tic sus­pense  Préjà Vu. Ryann can see the future, and one night she gets a glimpse of a steamy encounter with Trevor Kear­ney. Here is a tiny excerpt, and a pic­ture of how I see Trevor…just to get your imag­i­na­tions going. See those green eyes? I’m a suck­er for green eyes…


Ryann was sit­ting upright in her bed. The sheet fell away from her to pool at her waist. She had no idea if she actu­al­ly shout­ed the one word, or if it had been part of the dream, but it woke her just the same.

She gath­ered the sheet into a moist wad at her chest. She was shiv­er­ing. Cold? No, she was cov­ered with per­spi­ra­tion, even the tee shirt she wore was damp.

Oh yes … a dream. A won­der­ful dream. It was sin­ful in its eroti­cism, alarm­ing with its clar­i­ty. Ryann closed her eyes to replay it. It began with sound only. Black­ness sur­round­ed her.

She was lying in bed. Com­plete­ly nude. A heavy arm was wrapped around her, a wall of mas­culin­i­ty pressed against her back. She was being slow­ly awak­ened by a play­ful tongue bat­ting against her earlobe.

Mmm … Trevor?”

Yes ma’am. At your ser­vice,” his low voice rum­bled through the stillness.

She grinned, but didn’t open her eyes. “What are you doing?” she moaned.

Shh … I’m sleep­ing. I’m hav­ing the most amaz­ing dream…”He con­tin­ued his seduc­tion of her ear, then moved his lips down along the slim line of her neck.

His breath felt hot on her skin. Her tem­per­a­ture rose to match it; blood flood­ed her from head to toe.

Ryann turned her head to reach his mouth. He met her lips with a kiss filled with car­nal ener­gy. His vel­vety tongue speared into her mouth and stroked hers until she writhed against him in effort to get ever clos­er. One strong hand slid up her tor­so until it cov­ered her breast, her nip­ple puck­ered in full arousal. When he rolled it between two fin­gers, she squealed then strug­gled to turn toward him. Only then did she open her eyes.

So now you know what Ryann saw when she opened her eyes. Not a bad way to wake up, right? Okay, so real­ly this guy’s name is Nic Luhrs, but I’m allowed cre­ative lib­er­ties, right?

I’ve had a few dreams that I wish were prophet­ic… not the show­ing-up-to-work-with­out-a-shirt dream…I can do with­out those.

Also, I’m run­ning a lit­tle give­away of my own. Buy any of my avail­able print books, and go into a week­ly draw­ing for your choice of ebook! Details are here on my GIVEAWAY page. The week­ly draw­ings will only go through the end of Feb­ru­ary, so do it now!

Okay folks, leave your com­ments, and it’s on to the next stop on our tour, which is Pinch­ing Abe’s blog.

Don’t get any crazy ideas, Abe isn’t one of our hotties…

Thanks for stop­ping by!

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  1. Wow. That’s hot… the art­work under that blog post is even HAWTER. How did I not know about Dylan Ricci???????/

    It’s a crime I’ve nev­er heard of him.

  2. Love to win e‑books, Now, if I can just get my par­ents to spend part of their con­test win from Best Buy to get me an e‑book read­er, I would be in heaven.

    Plus, the eye can­dy, you made my day.

    Leslie Jane

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