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So, you’ve found your way from Annie Nicholas’ blog! This is the last stop of the day, but of course you’re more than wel­come to go back to the begin­ning at Paige Tyler’s site, and start all over again. I would­n’t blame you at all. I’m giv­ing away a copy of my con­tem­po­rary nov­el For a Price, a sto­ry about what *real­ly* hap­pens in Vegas.

Any­one who knows me, knows my unhealthy crush on Mr. Chan­ning Tatum. Even though he still has yet to show up to my house for din­ner. That’s okay Chan…we can eat out…Oh, Mr. Tatum. How you tempt me with your stoicism.     I think there’s plen­ty of room on the back of that bike for me…maybe the front

Okay, so there are oth­er things about Chan­ning that I find tempting.

Oh, look at that, my hands were acci­den­tal­ly shown in the pic­ture. And no, I will not share all the mea­sure­ments I took *vbg*

I hope you all enjoyed the tour. Good luck to each of you! We’ll draw the win­ners tomor­row, and post them by 1pm EST in this Liq­uid Sil­ver Books Forum Thread. Now, since you’re all done with the tour, please come by the Chat Room host­ed by author Gem Sivad.

24 thoughts on “Blog Tour — Fill Your E‑Reader Here!

  1. Awwww… I was hav­ing so much fun tour­ing. 🙂 No whin­ing here. I’m a host and can’t even win. I just like the eye can­dy. Thanks to all the authors who host­ed today’s tour. I enjoyed every stop!

  2. Ahh… did you know he used to be a male exot­ic dancer? I’m pret­ty sure there is a video around out there of it. For sure in the 80’s and his style isn’t all that great BUT who is going to complain?!

  3. Hey! Any­way to your hands on those abs, right?! Thanks for shar­ing such a great tour ladies!! Going to chat now!!

  4. I have real­ly had a good time on the blog tour look­ing at all of the hot pic­tures. Thanks for all of the eye can­dy. To bad it had to end.

  5. What a great con­test. Thanks for being part of it. I real­ly enjoyed vis­it­ing every­one’s blog.

  6. Wow, I’m sur­prised he has­n’t tak­en you up on the din­ner thing. I would think he would at least do take-out. *sigh*

  7. Chan­ning is def­i­nite­ly TOP of my list of hot­ties. And man can he dance… not just when he’s tak­ing clothes off either. Although… that’s nice to watch too ;>

    Thanks for this. It was fun!!!!!!!!!

    Um.. I’m going to try to hit Saran­na’s blog again but I could­n’t post on it, very frustrating.

  8. Love to win e‑books. Now, if I can just get my par­ents to get me an e‑book read­er with part of the gift cer­tifi­cate they won from Best Nuy, I would be very happy.

    Plus, the eye can­dy, I am in heaven

    Leslie Jane

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