Six Sentence Sunday 7/24/11

Hap­py Sun­day! I’m dip­ping into the oth­er side of my brain for six sen­tences from my alter-ego Olivia Bryn­n’s  lat­est release Cov­er Sto­ry, a May-Decem­ber romance.

I like women who are real, down to earth, mature.”

You mean old.” The blood returned from her feet to flood her face with color.

No, I mean mature– matu­ri­ty isn’t about age.”

You have no idea how old I am.”

I don’t care how old you are.”

Okay I used some cre­ative punc­tu­a­tion to make this into six, but don’t tell the lady with the gun! Enjoy your trip through the S3 posts.



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