Saturday Status 7/30/11

Howdy! It’s the last Sat­ur­day of July. Already. The sum­mer sure goes quick­ly. I’m not going to let it go with­out a fight though!

So here’s what’s up this week:

Works in Progress News ~ Kick­ing butt on Olivi­a’s short m/m. These two are talk­ers. Not just telling me their sto­ry, but there is a lot of dia­logue in this one, which is fun for me to write, and it seems to move the sto­ry along at a nice pace.  I’ve got a few title ideas even, but noth­ing that’s set in stone. These two guys are best friends flip­ping a house togeth­er. I was­n’t inspired by Ty Pen­ning­ton, but I’ll watch him work shirt­less any day. It’s at 6,700 words now, aim­ing for 15–18k

Indus­try News ~ Ever take your Kin­dle to a book sign­ing, and wish your favorite author could sign your ebook? Well here we go. Author­graph is here. It’s so easy, just pick the book, the author gets an email, the author dig­i­tal­ly signs the book and it gets resent to your Kin­dle. Awe­some, huh? Check it out, all my books are there! Author­graph

Real life news ~ I’ve dis­cov­ered the joys of Net­flix. I did­n’t think my life was lack­ing until I found every episode of Cheers on Net­flix. And Quan­tum Leap. And Psych! Seri­ous­ly, this is not a good thing for some­one who should be writ­ing. I can’t wait for school to start so that tele­vi­sion can remain off all day!

Search Term of the Week aka How Peo­ple Found My Web­sites ~ This week some­one found me by search­ing for: wait for it…

speak­ing div­i­dends sat­ur­day july 23 2011 going press

Yeah. I don’t know. I’ve got nothing.

 Hero Quote ~ Well, it’s kind of a con­ver­sa­tion between Tes­sa and Josh from Olivi­a’s Tes­sa’s Pride.


What are you doing?”

Unpack­ing,” he answered with­out hes­i­ta­tion. He’d kept his back to her, but she heard him clear­ly enough.

Well, yes, but…why?”

Josh straight­ened, then turned his head to pin her with a lev­el look. “You told me to make myself at home.”

 Favorite Song of the Week ~ My teenag­er is learn­ing Bus­ta’s rap. I’ll keep you informed. NSFW

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m work­ing all week­end at the Evil Empire so each of you should feel sor­ry for me. Starting.….now.

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