Win Olivia’s First Book!

For a Price by Olivia BrynnOlivia post­ed a quick lit­tle con­test. Ten triv­ia ques­tions about Las Vegas, all are true except one. Leave a com­ment with your answer for a chance to win the first copy off the e‑presses of For a Price, com­ing  to com­put­ers around the world on 9/21/09. The win­ner will be post­ed on Olivi­a’s blog. Click the book cov­er to go straight to the contest.


You can’t get blood from a stone. That’s what Mau­reen Sullivan’s moth­er always told her, but now it’s col­lec­tion time, and bill col­lec­tors aren’t after blood; they want mon­ey. At this point, she’d do just about anything…for a price. To get her moth­er out of the red, Mau­reen packs her tiny nest egg and runs to Las Vegas, hop­ing for a miracle.

Once in Sin City, Maureen’s Aunt Lot­tie shows her that the fastest way out of a finan­cial hell doesn’t lie in Maureen’s luck at a black­jack table, but in the auc­tion of a much more con­tro­ver­sial com­mod­i­ty: Maureen’s vir­gin­i­ty. Vegas is the per­fect place to cash in. What they decide to do will not only make head­lines in the Neva­da city, but around the world.

The last thing Mau­reen needs right now is to fall for sexy Nicholas Web­ster, who’s used to get­ting every­thing he wants. Because when the time comes, she’d have to betray the man she’s come to love in order to ful­fill her con­tract. Will she be able to sell her­self? And at what price?

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