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Sev­en days from today, my first nov­el For a Price will be released to the world! I thought I’d share with you the arti­cle that start­ed the whole thing. After read­ing THIS back in Jan­u­ary, 2009, I sat in front of my com­put­er and tried to wrap my mind around it. $3.8 mil­lion dol­lars for one night of sex with this vir­gin. Sure, she’s real­ly pret­ty, and she might have a personality…but almost four mil­lion dol­lars? I just sat there and my lit­tle author-mind spun all of these sce­nar­ios as to what might spur her into mak­ing this deci­sion, then I start­ed writing.

Read excerpts from the book here and here, or meet the char­ac­ters here. As soon as it’s avail­able on Mon­day night, I’ll be post­ing the buy link, so check back with me! 

Now for the fun. I’m post­ing a lit­tle quiz. Who­ev­er gets the answer right wins the first copy off the prover­bial e‑press of For a Price! (In case of a tie, those com­menter­s will go into a ran­dom draw­ing.) Just com­ment on this post with your answer. I’m putting com­ments on mod­er­a­tion, so I won’t post any of them until the win­ner is chosen.

ONE of the fol­low­ing ten state­ments is false. Which one is it?

1) This guy: cowboyis named Cow­boy Victor.

2) The Lot­tery is pro­hib­it­ed in Nevada

3) Only three casi­nos in the city allow pho­tographs inside.

4) The Las Vegas Strip is not actu­al­ly part of the city of Las Vegas.

5) The four hotels at the Las Vegas Blvd and Trop­i­cana (MGM Grand, Trop­i­cana, Excal­ibur, and New York-New York) have more hotel rooms than all San Francisco.

6) To dri­ve from Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia to Reno, Neva­da the direc­tion trav­eled is to the west. 

7) Neva­da has more moun­tain ranges than any oth­er state

8 ) Sports bet­ting is ille­gal in the US, except in Neva­da. How­ev­er, you can­not bet on the Uni­ver­si­ty of Neva­da sport­ing events and on the Las Vegas pro­fes­sion­al base­ball team (nor on pres­i­den­tial elections).

9) The MGM Grand employs over 9,000

10)Alan­na once came out ahead in her trip to Vegas, because she found a quar­ter in the park­ing lot of a gas sta­tion. hint

Okay ladies and gents, these might look dif­fi­cult, but I’m sure you’ll come through. If you need some hints, here are the web­sites I got the info from Here and Here.  Good luck! I’ll announce the win­ner right here on Tues­day morn­ing, 9/22/09.

18 thoughts on “Win For a Price!

  1. OK …I think I’m first 😀

    1. False (It’s Vegas Vic).

    2. True

    3. True

    4. True

    5. True

    6. True

    7. True

    8. True

    9. True

    10. True (well, it was actu­al­ly her daugh­ter, but still :D)

  2. OK …I don’t think I paid atten­tion to the direc­tions the last time I post­ed *blush­es*

    Soooooo …#1 is false (his name is Vegas Vic) (but tech­ni­cal­ly Alan­na’s daugh­ter found the quar­ter …but I’m stick­ing with #1).


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  4. Num­ber six! Num­ber six!

    I’m pret­ty sure you dri­ve east from LA to reach Reno. at least, back when I lived there that’s what we did. So does that mean the rest of those state­ments are true? Now that’s scary.

    Con­grats on your release!!! Hope it hits the jackpot. 😉

  5. Con­grat­u­la­tions to Jayzee (Jenn)! and Kel­ly K! They’re the win­ners today with the cor­rect answer.

    I acci­den­tal­ly delet­ed the first post by Kel­ly K. (I was try­ing to delete my com­ment to her, and my blond hair got in my eyes I guess)Then I tried for 20 min­utes to see if I could retrieve it. Sigh.

    Num­ber one is false. That cow­boy guy’s name is Vegas Vic. He was installed in 1947, and replaced by a new ver­sion not 5 years lat­er (I won­der why…) Any­way, the rest, as hard as some are to believe, are true!

    Of course, I got my infor­ma­tion from the inter­net, and some­times that’s not such a reli­able source, but it’s all I have to go on 😀

    Thanks every­one for par­tic­i­pat­ing. It’s great to see new faces vis­it my blog. (Even if your gen­er­at­ed avatars DO look kin­da scary hehe)

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