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A few months ago, while dis­cussing cur­rent events with my young daugh­ter, I explained that it used to be ille­gal to mar­ry some­one of a dif­fer­ent race. When she twist­ed her face in the most per­plexed expres­sion, I could only do one thing.

I smiled.

Yes, it was a ridicu­lous law.


So check out this slideshow of just a few of the famous inter­ra­cial cou­ples who all owe their thanks to Richard and Mil­dred Loving:

Can you believe Sid­ney Poiti­er has been mar­ried to his wife Joan­na Shimkus for 35 years? That’s like four life­times in Hol­ly­wood! That’s true love right there. 

Now not to make this post too long, because I know you’ve got a lot of oth­er blogs to hop along to, but I’ve post­ed a (NSFW!) snip­pet of my novel­la Posi­tion Secured, a fun lit­tle romp between a Lati­na lady and a Cau­casian cop below:


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  1. I real­ly admire Sid­ney Poiti­er and his wife.…they defied the times and prej­u­dices to have a rela­tion­ship in the 60’s and 70’s. 

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