Cyber Monday!

Who does­n’t love online shop­ping? Although many of us go to the store in our paja­mas any­way, shop­ping online is the most accept­able way to shop in your skivvies! Not that skivvy shop­ping should be the big draw, but I digress.

Today only, you can down­load a FREE COPY of my book Falling Star, or Alan­na’s book Fine Print.  Just click the cov­er to get to the book’s Smash­words page, where you can choose the for­mat. The coupon code is post­ed below, be sure to copy that to paste in the Smash­words cart. Maybe after a whole day of Cyber Surf­ing, you can take a few hours to relax and enjoy a good book.

Fine Print Coupon: WH45S                             Falling Star Coupon: EZ77Q   


Whadd'ya think?