Six Sentence Sunday 8/28/11


I can’t believe this is the last Sun­day of August. Sum­mer is almost over, and I’m NOT READY FOR WINTER!! (We don’t get an autumn around here) sigh

Any­way, today I’m shar­ing six from my (Olivia Bryn­n’s) unti­tled m/m. (I call it Jackson)

These are actu­al­ly the first six in the book.


Noah slouched over his whiskey, try­ing like hell to ignore the dry-hump­ing cou­ple beside him. He’d get up and move, but the place was packed, and he had to hold onto this bar stool or he’d end up stand­ing against the wall. Fac­ing the crowd. That would lead to eye con­tact. Eye con­tact led to conversation.

Noah was­n’t here for conversation.

Makes you won­der what he WAS there for, but it is noth­ing pruri­ent, I promise you. Check out all the SSS par­tic­i­pants at the Offi­cial Web­site. Have a great week!

24 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 8/28/11

  1. I love how mat­ter of fact you are here, or I should say as Noah is here. Great char­ac­ter devel­op­ment in so few words. Well done. 

  2. Oooh excel­lent six! I love the last lines, the voice is mar­velous, makes me want to read much more!!! 

  3. I love this six! Ugh, when you are in a bad mood last thing you need is dry humpers and a packed bar! 

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