Six Sentence Sunday 7/17/11


Today I’m shar­ing six sen­tences from my con­tem­po­rary west­ern titled Retreat avail­able at all major ebook dis­tri­b­u­tion sites, and also in paper­back. More info here. These six come right after their first kiss (which was just way too many sen­tences to post here. Sor­ry lol)

His eyes danced over her face for a long moment before lift­ing his chin with resolve.

My wife,” he paused over the word, “Lau­ra, is the sta­ble manager.”

She pulled out of his arms and backed a step away; the blood that col­ored her cheeks now sank to her toes. “Oh, oh God Jake … Jacob. I’m sor­ry. I didn’t know.” She cov­ered her now-swollen lips with a tremu­lous hand.

Yeah.” He adjust­ed his hat.

Retreat is the book that I always for­get that I wrote. When I tell peo­ple about my books, I seem to always over­look this one, and when I opened it up today to find six sen­tences, I kept find­ing things that I’d for­got­ten all about. I should read this again! I swear I wrote it!

Any­way, enjoy all the oth­er snip­pets from the rest of the S3 Par­tic­i­pants, and we’ll see you next week!


16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 7/17/11

  1. LMAO, It’s fun­ny… I feel like that about old works I’ve writ­ten — I guess time sep­a­rates us emo­tion­al­ly from the piece and we’re able to see it as a read­er rather than a writer 🙂 

    Fab six!

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