Six Sentence Sunday 6/19/11

Wel­come back!

Anoth­er big list of SSSers today. Good gravy, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get to all of the sites like I used to!

Brynn groaned. “Was it bad?”

Naw, but I shaped them into my ini­tials. I like to leave my mark you know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Go. I want water.”

I knew you were going to come out of this with your diva intact.” Cade chuck­led on his way out.

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18 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 6/19/11

  1. Hey, if there’s any time one is allowed to be a diva, it’s in a hos­pi­tal bed. 

    Heh, nice six (and yes, the list is get­ting a lit­tle long, isn’t it? >.<) 

  2. LOL “…I like to leave my mark you know.” — I think I’m still gig­gling over here. 

    Great six, Alanna! 

  3. I like that she came out with her life signs intact… but yes, the “diva” is nice, too. 

  4. Thanks for stop­ping by, every­one! Yes, Cade is a lit­tle cut-up isn’t he? (haha..cut up…ahaahhaa)

  5. Love that phrase: “with your diva intact.” I also like your com­ment: “good gravy.” Haven’t heard that in quite a while, but I remem­ber say­ing it myself all the time. 

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