Six Sentence Sunday 5/29/11

Wel­come to SSS Alan­na Style! And Hap­py Memo­r­i­al Day week­end every­one! I won’t chat much, I know there are lots of posts this week­end, so I won’t take up too much time. Con­tin­u­ing the sto­ry with Bryn­n’s friend Susan by her side in the hospital.

They can’t talk to her now, she just woke up. Tell them they can’t both­er her.”

Cade ignored Susan. “I’ll let the nurs­es know you’re awake. They’ll do the whole,” he threw up air quotes, “com­fort thing.” Cade snapped the blood pres­sure cuff to the instru­ment on the wall, and as it did its job, he pulled the blan­kets back to check her bandages.

Okay, these six sound rude, but I don’t think Cade would talk to just any patient that way. At least I hope not! Off you go…many more six­es to read! Find them all at the Offi­cial Site.



15 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 5/29/11

  1. I’m with every­one that thiks Cade is great and love how he’s keep­ing peo­ple at bay so she can heal 

  2. Hey y’all, thanks for stop­ping by! Yes, Cade reminds me of my lit­tle broth­er. If I had one. 

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