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Wel­come to the Luck of the Irish Blog Hop by JustRomance.Me! Click HERE to go to the begin­ning of the hop. I hope you’re enjoy­ing your tour through these blogs. I know we have fun prepar­ing for your vis­it! Please enjoy my sto­ry, which picks up where anoth­er leaves off:

Patrick sighed. His best friend Sean had found love, and who was he to keep him from tak­ing advan­tage of every moment with Kel­ly? “I don’t blame you for being whipped. I might just be a lit­tle jealous.”

He tried not to stare as Kel­ly cud­dled against Sean. They’d planned on clos­ing the Sham­rock Lounge down, but it looked like he’d spend the rest of the evening alone, while Sean and Kel­ly cel­e­brat­ed  the hol­i­day in each oth­er’s arms. Patrick schooled his fea­tures to keep his long­ing hid­den. The last thing he need­ed was pity. He looked away as Sean leaned over to kiss his girl.

Hey there, handsome.”

Patrick whipped around at the voice, a sexy purring  that sent a wave of tin­gles down his spine. It was her. The girl he’d embar­rassed him­self over three weeks ago in this very bar. The one he’d grilled every patron of the place ask­ing for more infor­ma­tion about. The last time he saw her, he was deep into his Big Dublin–the fish­bowl-sized beer that knocked many a man on his knickers–and he still did­n’t have his name on a piece of gold in that paint­ed pot. “Mol­ly?”

Oh, you remem­ber my name?” She winked.

I remem­ber every­thing about you.” Patrick took in her dark hair, the faint dust­ing of freck­les across he nose, and her tight green tee shirt. Either she was­n’t wear­ing a bra under there, or her nip­ples poked right through. He ignored his cock­’s twitch, and con­tin­ued his perusal down her dark den­im jeans–that looked like they’d be hell to peel off–and knee high leather boots with a dead­ly-look­ing heel. “You look bet­ter than I remem­bered though.”

She had a gor­geous smile. She’d giv­en him a peek of her dain­ty pink tongue as she stroked the seam of her lips. “You were pret­ty drunk that night.”

Not so drunk that I did­n’t miss you when you left.” Just then Patrick noticed that Kel­ly and Sean had dis­ap­peared, but he no longer cared.

My ride was leav­ing. I tried to tell you, but you were…busy.”

No longer inter­est­ed in alco­hol, Patrick set his whiskey down, and hap­pi­ly gave up the pool table to the three guys who were just wait­ing to pounce. He took Mol­ly’s hand in his, and led her to a qui­eter cor­ner of the lounge, where a fire­place was flick­er­ing in a sen­su­ous invi­ta­tion amid a com­fort­able seat­ing area. “I’d offer you a ride home, but it seems mine just left.”

Mol­ly did­n’t object when he pulled her down on the big over­stuffed chair with him. In fact she shift­ed her body against his, press­ing her breasts against his arm. For the sec­ond time in a month, Patrick was about to embar­rass him­self in this bar for this woman. It did­n’t help when she leaned in and took his ear­lobe between her teeth and paint­ed it with her tongue. “Car or not, you could still offer me a ride…”

That’s it for me! You’ll have to use your imag­i­na­tion to fin­ish this sto­ry, oth­er­wise we’d be here all day! Thanks for stop­ping by, I hope you had a great time on our Blog Hop. Good luck in the draw­ing! I hope to see a bunch of you in the chat room at Gem’s Place on Sat­ur­day at 7pm EST. We always have a good time there.

Hap­py St. Patrick­’s Day everyone!

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  1. I think I want more of this sto­ry. I can use my imag­i­na­tion but it would have been nice to have more.

  2. What a great sto­ry; I real­ly enjoyed it.

    Thanks for the blog tour.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  3. Hap­py St. Patrick­’s Day! Great Sto­ry! I loved the entire thing and would like to read more. The pic­ture is great too.
    jes­sangil at gmail dot com

  4. Yes­ter­day got away from me so I’m play­ing catch up. Hope you had a great St. Pad­dy Day!

    Oh boy do I have an imag­i­na­tion. Thanks for the sto­ry. Loved it!

    deb ;0)

  5. Loved the story!

    I hope every­one had a fun and safe St. Pat­ty’s Day.


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