Holiday Hottie Blog Tour

Wel­come hoppers!  You should have come from Shara’s blog.  If you’re just hap­pen­ing by and aren’t sure what I’m talk­ing about, go to the first blog stop on the tour, Tri­na M. Lee, and fol­low the links through. Com­ment on every post along the way, and you’re entered to win a pletho­ra of yum­my ebooks from the authors you’re meet­ing today. Now for my Hol­i­day Hot­ties. Today’s theme…helping hands:



Before you go, don’t for­get to leave a com­ment so that you’ll be entered to win one of 30 ebooks! Also, Alan­na’s web design­er is hav­ing a con­test, be sure to enter in that.…today is the last day! Now…on to the next deli­cious sug­arplum blog, Dhymp­na du Mau­ri­er.

36 thoughts on “Holiday Hottie Blog Tour

  1. LOL the first pic­ture I saw was the head­less one at the bot­tom and it kind of made me go ‘Just how Naughty was HE being?’

    it just proves I need more sleep XD

  2. Thanks every­one for stop­ping in! I’ll post the win­ner tomor­row after­noon. So hard to keep leav­ing these guys, but here I go to the next one.…

  3. Great pho­tos!!! I enjoyed your hot­ties!! I also like the pur­ple orna­ment. Very pretty!

    Judy (

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