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I hope you’re all hav­ing a great time on the JustRomance.Me hop. If you’re just com­ing across this post, click HERE to get back on the tour bus. There’s plen­ty more to see, and you won’t want to miss out on the big draw­ing! If you love free reads, be sure to check out my short free­bie Tessa’s Pride, avail­able in all for­mats right HERE (Link will open in a new win­dow). For my post, I decid­ed to write the sto­ry that this pic­ture is beg­ging for:


Although we logged off instant mes­sen­ger not an hour ago, and I just hung up with you after you called for anoth­er good­night, the moment we say good­bye, I begin miss­ing you, so I picked up this good old fash­ioned paper and pen.

Lovers shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day so far apart as we’re cursed to. When­ev­er I lament the dis­tance between us,  I remind myself that it will make our first meet­ing all the sweet­er. Though in my imag­i­na­tion I’ve touched your skin and breathed against your hair so many times, I think it will be more like com­ing home than a first meet­ing.  In fact, there are times when I awak­en dur­ing the night and roll over, expect­ing to find you there.

I hope you’re read­ing this after a won­der­ful day at work, l, and I hope I’ve had the chance to speak to you at least a dozen times in between. I’m lying in bed right now, lis­ten­ing to our shared playlist. I’ll nev­er be able to lis­ten to Den­nis DeY­oung again with­out think­ing of your smile.

Baby, I love you.  The stolen moments each evening when I log onto my com­put­er and find you online are the best of my day.  I’m not sure I ever told you how I felt like a damned thir­teen year old when I picked up the phone that first day. We’d been chat­ting for what, six months? I’d already con­fessed my love, and I was still scared shit­less to push that send but­ton. But then you said hel­lo, and every­thing in my chaot­ic world fell into place. When I first heard you laugh, I thought I might be able  to fly. Even now, remem­ber­ing that April day last year, my heart feels so full. I want to run out onto the side­walk and share this with the world, but at the same time I want to keep each beat of my heart to myself, rev­el­ing in each pulse as a reminder of your love for me.

Every­thing we’ve worked for this past sev­en­teen months, four days and twelve hours will fall into place, and I’ll spend next Valentine’s Day in your arms.

Now again, the hard­est part of the night, where I must say good­night to you, as it’s get­ting very late here. As I write this, I imag­ine you’re already tucked into bed and hope­ful­ly dream­ing won­der­ful things about our lives togeth­er. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find you. The only woman who has ever made me feel like a whole and com­plete man.

Please have a won­der­ful evening, my love. I’ll be wait­ing for you online at our usu­al time.



Thanks for hop­ping along with us. I hope to see many of you at the blog hop wrapup chat on Sun­day 212 at 7pm EST at Gem’s Place.

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  1. Nice story. 

    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to
    win such a fan­tas­tic prize!


  2. wow  what a way to get start­ed on a book  and love   i love to read and blog on it 
    have  great  day
    desi the blonde at msn dor com

  3. This cer­tain­ly has an ele­ment of “to be continued…“  :)  Thank you for sharing!  Hap­py Valentine’s Day!

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