Saturday Status 12/3/11

Hap­py Sat­ur­day!  Busy week­end for me, along with work­ing extra hours at the Evil Empire, the grade-school­er has some func­tions that should keep me out of all kinds of trou­ble. Not that I’m leav­ing my house to enter the deep freeze for any­thing except the most impor­tant things.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ I’m mov­ing this fea­ture to the top, so you can lis­ten to the song as you con­tin­ue read­ing the post. I just heard this today, thanks to Rhapsody’s Hol­i­day Playlist. The First Noël by Toby Mac fea­tur­ing Owl City There isn’t a video, so I didn’t even both­er post­ing the visu­al. Have a lis­ten! What do you think?

Work in Progress News ~ Cur­rent­ly about 23 through Wyoming Solace.  I’m chang­ing a few things, but I doubt any­one would notice except me. There’s a plot thread I snipped, so now I’m darn­ing the weave back togeth­er. I’m also adding dia­logue and some UST in the first few chap­ters. Let’s hope it all turns out. As an author it’s very hard to open a three year old file and re-work it to incor­po­rate every­thing I learned since the book was first writ­ten. I’m try­ing my best to keep the sto­ry the same, just cut­ting some of the extra cheese.

Back­list News ~ Over at Dark Moun­tain Books, I final­ly put my indie books up at Book­Strand and Google. I’m not sure how many read­ers I’ll find there, but this also puts the books into the Google­books data­base. Tri­na and I are also mak­ing plans for Hol­i­day pro­mo­tions, so stay tuned!  Also, Olivia received the final ver­sions of Last Call in her inbox yes­ter­day. They’re all wrapped and ready for March!

Search Term of the week aka How Peo­ple Found My Web­sites ~ This week some­one found my site by search­ing for “coca liar”.  Liar is such a hate­ful label. It’s fic­tion, boys and girls.

What I’m read­ing ~ This week I’ve been so busy work­ing on Wyoming Solace, I didn’t get a chance to read any­thing new. I hope I fin­ish this rewrite so I can reward myself with some of my Cyber Mon­day pur­chas­es!

Hero Quote ~  Direct from Josh the cow­boy hero in Olivia’s con­tem­po­rary west­ern Tessa’s Pride 


I’ve pulled the mem­o­ry of that after­noon out more times than I can count. I’ll nev­er for­get the way you looked with your Stet­son tilt­ed over your brow. Your bare legs, so smooth…and your mouth… God, your mouth.”

Okay folks, get back to your hol­i­day shop­ping! I’m right behind you.


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