Love a Tree, Read an Ebook

Wel­come! I’m glad you’re spend­ing some of your Earth Day with us at JustRomance.Me. If you aren’t on the blog hop bus, just click HERE to get aboard! To cel­e­brate our Earth, I’ll be donat­ing  to Friends of the Earth, I’ll add your name to the dona­tion if you com­ment below that you’d like to be included!

This week­end I’m cel­e­brat­ing not only Earth Day, but the release of my book FLIPPED. The heroes in this male/male romance are in the process of flip­ping a house for a prof­it. That’s like recy­cling, right? I fig­ured they prob­a­bly also take advan­tage of the nice spring weath­er to hang their laun­dry out to dry rather than put them in a machine. After my day­dream about men doing laun­dry, I wrote this scene:

We’re going to have the neigh­bor­hood coun­cil knock­ing on our door tomor­row.” Carter rolled his eyes as Mario pinned his Super­man box­ers on the line next to Carter’s blue jeans.

What, because we wear underwear?”

Carter reached into the laun­dry bas­ket full of their damp cloth­ing, and pulled out Mar­i­o’s G‑string. “This hard­ly qual­i­fies as underwear.”

Mario snatched the gar­ment out of Carter’s hand. “I only wear that with my leather pants, and you know it.” He raised a dark eye­brow. “You’ve nev­er com­plained before.”

Carter wrapped his hand around Mar­i­o’s, crum­pling the fab­ric between them. “I’m not com­plain­ing now.” He tugged the man clos­er, until their chests met. “I just want to be the only guy who gets to see them.”

Mario tossed the G‑string back into the bas­ket and slipped his fin­gers beneath the waist­band of Carter’s shorts, secur­ing their hips togeth­er. “I had no idea you were such a jeal­ous guy. I guess my lit­tle dirty dance with Lewis last night real­ly got your gears grind­ing then?”

Carter closed his eyes at the mem­o­ry of Mario rub­bing up on the big old­er guy while lights flashed and music blared. Now–as then–Carter’s smile even felt naughty. “I know you too well. Dur­ing the entire extend­ed play remix, your eyes nev­er got that glassy desire-drugged look that they do when you’re real­ly turned on.”

Ah, you’re wrong there.” Mario nipped at Carter’s ear­lobe. His warm breath sent chills down Carter’s bare back and arms. “I remem­ber get­ting very turned on.”

Yeah. When you saw me watch­ing you.”

Yes. You sat there with that cat-who-got-the-canary grin, drink­ing that dis­gust­ing ale–”

You love that ale.”

I love the way it tastes on you, but I’d nev­er drink it straight.” Mario flicked the but­ton on Carter’s shorts free, and start­ed work­ing on the zip­per. “I want­ed to crawl onto your lap right there.”

Is that why we end­ed up in the back seat of your car in the bar park­ing lot?”

It’s also why the neigh­bor­hood coun­cil will be knock­ing on our door.”

Carter licked Mar­i­o’s lips. “Maybe we should fin­ish hang­ing the laundry.”

Mario took a step toward the house, bring­ing Carter with him. “And maybe the laun­dry can wait.”

For more about Flipped, click on the cov­er above, it will open a new page (in a new win­dow so as not to dis­rupt your hop­ping expe­ri­ence) with the blurb, first chap­ter, and buy links. Enjoy your Earth Day, and be sure to enter in the draw­ing, where you could win a Nook Sim­ple Touch with Glow­Light. This is the newest Nook out there, and check out that glow­ing screen! You can read in bed! Good luck!!

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34 thoughts on “Love a Tree, Read an Ebook

  1. I loved hang­ing clothes out on the line and real­ly miss my clothes line.  It might be time to put one up in the yard.

  2. sexy cov­er and the book sounds real­ly good. I hope that you have a hap­py earth day. I’d love to be includ­ed in the donation.
    ‑Jes­si­ca B

  3. How come that nev­er hap­pens when I do the laun­dry? *sigh* Maybe I’m not doing it right! lol

  4. I wish I lived next door! I would be doing my laun­dry at the same time, every time.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great excerpt, I’d love to be includ­ed in your dona­tion to Friends of The Earth. Hap­py Earth Day.

    seri­ous­read­er at live dot com

  6. Great excerpt!! I love the solar clothes dryer.  Espe­cial­ly when I hang out the sheets.  They smell so good!!
     bourn­melis­sa at hot­mail dot com

  7. Con­grats!! Sounds so good! And yup, i agree, flip­ping a house is recy­cling! hehe And its awe­some that your donat­ing! Very sweet of you! You have a great Earth day! Thank you for the awe­some hop and giveaway! 😉

  8. Loved the excerpt…My laun­dry days are noth­ing like that.  Thanks for the dona­tion to a great charity.  Hap­py Earth Day to all!

  9. Big fan of m/m sto­ries and love the sound of your new release!  Con­grat­u­la­tions on the new book!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  10. Oh I so miss the way my clothes smell after dry­ing on the line all day.  What a great except.  Please include me in your contribution.

    Tere­sa K.

  11. I too love the m/m genre’. Wish I was a fly on the wall inside to see what is going on. hehe Please do add my name to your con­tri­bu­tion. Thanks carolyn 

  12. No one in our neigh­bor­hood has laun­dry that is as inter­est­ing as Mario and Carter’s!
    Thanks for the great hop!

  13. Nice excerpt!  I guess you could call flip­ping a house sav­ing the earth since it’s not torn down but reinvented. 

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