First Call for Last Call

 It’s up at Ama­zon! So far that’s the only place I found it, but I’ll keep looking.

When sparks flare, stop, drop and roll with it.

When Eric Lay­ton lunges for his ring­ing cell phone in the mid­dle of the night, he’s halfway to the door before he real­izes it’s not his chief sum­mon­ing him to an out-of-con­trol fire. It’s an out-of-con­trol woman who’s too tip­sy to fig­ure out she’s dialed the wrong num­ber. But the line goes dead before he can explain he’s not her brother.

His con­science won’t let him leave the woman to wait for a ride that’s nev­er going to come. Yet noth­ing pre­pares him for the chem­istry when he helps Joanne into his truck. She’s curvy, blonde, and vulnerable–a three-alarm warn­ing to do the right thing and keep her at arm’s length.

Still keep­ing watch over her through the night sounds rea­son­able. Until she awak­ens, and desire burns rea­son to a crisp…

This book has been pre­vi­ous­ly published.

Warn­ing: Con­tains explic­it sex scenes that may be too hot for sum­mer read­ing. Author rec­om­mends you check to make sure your air-con­di­tion­ing is in work­ing order and turned up full blast.

How about an excerpt? I’ve got the first chap­ter post­ed on the Last Call Book Page.

Whadd'ya think?