Six Sentence Sunday 9/4/11

Anoth­er week is gone. Anoth­er six to get you through the next sev­en. Here  are six from my book Pre­View that comes out TOMORROW!!! (Par­don my shout, I’m excited)

Ryann came awake in her own bed, with her nose pressed against a patch of hair. Her eyes flut­tered open to find Trevor’s armpit. She smiled mis­chie­vous­ly. It would serve him right if… She bit the ten­der skin.

Ouch! Jesus…that scared the crap out of me.” Trevor rubbed the spot with one hand and cocked his head at her, giv­ing her a retir­ing look. “What was that for?”

Your armpit was in my face.”

Maybe your face was in my armpit.”

Women! Poor guy huh? Hey, once you’re done tour­ing SSS posts, be sure to join me on the JustRomance.Me Blog Hop, if you like to win books.

Okay, that’s it for me, the rest of the SSSers are wait­ing for you right HERE. Have a great Labor Day.


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