Halloween Blog Hop

Wel­come to the last entry on the tour! Not sure what I’m talk­ing about? Hop on the tour bus HERE.

I tried to think of my favorite cos­tumes for men. Cop? Fire­man? Vam­pire? How about one (or three) near and dear to my heart: Cow­boys, and famous Karsh­n­er triplets (Yes folks, proof that God loves us: three iden­ti­cal hunks)

Yes. I know. Don’t wor­ry, ladies and gen­tle­men. They’re legal…I checked. Drool away. 

Have you ever been more jeal­ous of a sad­dle in your whole life? If you like cow­boys, you might like to check out my free read Tempt­ing Tes­sa, the pre­quel to my upcom­ing release from Cari­na Press Tes­sa’s Pride.

Thanks for stop­ping by, every­one. Hope you had as much fun ogling the eye can­dy as we did gath­er­ing them for you. Hap­py Hal­loween! See you in the chat room! 

24 thoughts on “Halloween Blog Hop

  1. Thanks for check­ing their ID’s for me, I prob­a­bly would­n’t have tak­en the time to check. hahaha

    Loved the blog hop and I hope you have a very hap­py halloween.

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