Six Sentence Sunday 8/29/10

Wel­come back. Today’s Six Sen­tences (+) con­tin­ue from last week (I feel like I need to insert some sap­py soap-opera music here or something).



I need to get going too.” Brynn gath­ered her purse, and tucked a tip under her water glass. “I’ll wait for your email. After I look through it, I’ll give you a call.”

Susan nod­ded and squeezed out of the booth. “Call me if you need any­thing tonight after you talk to Jack. I’m free after six, even if you just want to go for a drink.”

Brynn held the front door for her friend. “I appre­ci­ate that. I’m actu­al­ly look­ing for­ward to this.”

Susan flushed. “I wish I could be a fly on the wall tonight. On sec­ond thought, no I don’t. You know how I feel about con­fronta­tion.” She shud­dered. “Take care Brynn.”

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3 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 8/29/10

  1. I wan­na hear this con­ver­sa­tion. Maybe Stacey and I can hang out with bug-sized cock­tails and watch? Please?

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