Reviewing Retreat

Nine months after its release, Retreat final­ly gets a review! Not sure why it took so long, I guess these review sites are over­whelmed. Check out what Melin­da thinks:

I love it when an author writes about sec­ond chances espe­cial­ly with char­ac­ters like Jake and Andria. These two were great when they were younger and now as grownups they are even more pas­sion­ate than ever. The chem­istry is still there and there’s hope for more in their rela­tion­ship. Andria’s lit­tle girl and Jakes are like sis­ters meant to be and great match­mak­ers in every way. I loved that they are con­fused in what to do now when their pas­sion comes back for one anoth­er. Alana did a beau­ti­ful job in mak­ing their rela­tion­ship stronger yet still mem­o­rable in every way. Loved it.”

Read the entire review HERE and more about Retreat HERE. I’m back to writ­ing, cur­rent­ly as Olivia. Edits should begin soon on her con­tem­po­rary west­ern with Cari­na Press. That should be fun!

Whadd'ya think?