Summer Blog Tour, Hot and Steamy Days and Nights

Wel­come! You should have arrived from Jaque­line Page’s blog, (Or Alan­na Coca’s if you were detoured…sorry about that) but if you just hap­pened by, the fun starts at the Romance Writ­ers Behav­ing Bad­ly web­site. Start there, and you won’t miss a thing. Be sure to leave me a com­ment with your email address in there some­where to be entered in the draw­ing, where I’m giv­ing away a dig­i­tal down­load of my book Falling Star. Okay, admin stuff is done, so on with the eye can­dy! I hope you all have your air con­di­tion­ers going for this tour.

This is Jean Carlos…

Think Car­los is his last name? Do we real­ly care about a last name? I did­n’t think so. I also don’t know what he’s look­ing for in this pic­ture, but I’m sure I can help him find it! Jean is from Brazil, which is where they grow all the hot stuff I guess. Not a fan of black and white? How about this:

If that does­n’t count as a hot day and the promise of a steamy night, I’m not sure what would. More? You want more of Jean Car­los you say? I’m at your service:

Check out that expres­sion. Wow. Just…wow.

Now that I have your atten­tion… 😉 I want to tell you about my new book from Samhain Pub­lish­ing! Posi­tion Secured hits the vir­tu­al book­shelves this com­ing Tues­day 622, but it’s already avail­able for pre-order. Click the cov­er to more information.

Hope you had a great time on the Romance Writ­ers Behav­ing Bad­ly blog tour!  Be sure to leave your com­ment and email at this stop, so you can be entered to win!

16 thoughts on “Summer Blog Tour, Hot and Steamy Days and Nights

  1. Love the last pic­ture of him. Just what is he think­ing, some­thing naughty for sure.


  2. No last names need­ed, just enjoy­ing the view.

    Look­ing for­ward to more scoop on your new release, Olivia.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

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