Be My Valentine!

Hap­py Valen­tine’s Day blog hop­pers! If you aren’t on the Booknib­bles Tour Bus, click now to join us at the begin­ning. Isn’t this a great way to take a guid­ed tour of some of the web’s best and bright­est authors and blog­gers? We’ll be hop­ping along all week­end, so take your time, check out my books page to see what I’ve got going on, and enjoy the eye can­dy along the way. Don’t for­get to leave a com­ment here to be entered in the draw­ing for a share of the grand prize!
I’ll be chat­ting on Sun­day 214 from 2pm to 5pm EST  if you’d like to join me, I’d love to meet you. Win­ners will be announced in the chat room at 5pm EST, and post­ed HERE I hope you come back soon!

Meet Andre:

Eye can­dy real­ly is the best thing for Valen­tine’s day, it actu­al­ly burns off calo­ries!  Good luck to all in the final grand prize give­away which includes my book For a Price. Thanks for stop­ping by!

24 thoughts on “Be My Valentine!

  1. Hel­lo, Andre. Will you be my Valentine?

    Love­ly eye can­dy, browsed a bit fur­ther down your site — you have quite a bit of it around. A pub­lic ser­vice you’re doing, and as the pub­lic, I thank you!

  2. Well, the “eye can­dy” ver­sion has to be HEALTHIER for you than the reg­u­lar gar­den vari­ety candy…

    Michelle B. aka Koshkalady

  3. Isn’t Andre deli­cious? I love the look in his eye *swoon*

    Thanks for com­ment­ing, and good luck on Sun­day’s draw­ing! Hap­py Valen­tine’s Day!

  4. Thanks for the hot­tie, it DOES indeed burn off calo­ries cause you break out in sweat and keep sweat­ing the longer you stare lol HAPPY VALENTINES <3 <3 <3

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