My Lickable Laborer

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Lickable Laborer


The job site was hell. It had to be over a hun­dred degrees out today. When one care­less crane oper­a­tor ran into the cold water pipe, it start­ed spray­ing all over the place.  Every­one scram­bled to put things back togeth­er, but Jack could­n’t resist tak­ing advan­tage while he could. He knew he’d have to get back to work soon. 

Sure­ly some­one will won­der why he just left the crane where it was…

Sigh. That post took me much longer than it should have. Jack is pret­ty damn dis­tract­ing. Don’t for­get to leave a com­ment for your chance to win that huge grand prize!

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30 thoughts on “My Lickable Laborer

  1. Wow Jack does fill the eyes. Great ink, Ripped to per­fec­tion and sexy with­out trying.…a won­der­ful pack­age. Hot and wet.…what a com­bi­na­tion. LOL!

  2. Let me get a tow­el. Oh, nev­er mind, I’ll use my blouse to dry his chest, oops, water seems to run­ning low­er… he real­ly needs to get out of those pants. *rawwwwwwr*


  3. He is def­i­nite­ly worth a clos­er look. Would love to see his tat­too and find out what’s on that chain around his neck.

  4. Jack, no false mod­esty now. Just give a girl a break and express your­self in glo­ri­ous technicolor.…if you catch my drift.… You real­ly are a work of art…Oh enough with the droolin’!

  5. When he’s done with the show­er. I’ll take a tow­el and go back to the crane with him — I’d just as soon be “high and dry” with this guy.

  6. Wow this tour just keeps get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter.… can I share the show­er and cool off.… Hockeyvampiress

  7. I’m so thirsty.…Do you think Jack would mind if I had a sip?? I just that water flows down..That means I have to get low for my taste 😉

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