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Wel­come! I’m cur­rent­ly in the mid­dle of a Just Romance Me Blog Hop. Just click that ban­ner to join in! It’s a lot of fun, and there’s a Kin­dle Fire up for grabs. I’m shar­ing a few feel-good sto­ries from 2012. Come see!

Work in Progress News ~ Thanks to Twit­ter Hive Mind (specif­i­cal­ly Lea Grif­fith) I have a title for my recent­ly com­plet­ed book! I then sub­mit­ted Tak­ing Her There to a few pub­lish­ers. Now the fun part…waiting. (That’s sar­casm right there). I did post chap­ter one on my site, so you’re wel­come to go read it and see what took me so long to finish.  Now back to work on Dean’s sto­ry. Earth Scents Book Two, ten­ta­tive­ly titled (already! I know!) Ris­ing Heat. I real­ly did­n’t get much done at all last week, with Christ­mas fill­ing my time.  I’m just under 9K. Let’s hope I can get into a groove this week.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Josh Groban sigh has a new album com­ing out soon. This is the first single.

Tweet of the Week ~ This lady cracks me up:

What I’m read­ing ~ I’m in the mid­dle of Pesti­lence by TA Chase. This is one of four “Horse­men” books, obvi­ous­ly about the four Horse­men. Blurb: Hav­ing lost his wife and child dur­ing the Black Plague, Pesti­lence accepts the fate des­tiny has giv­en him as one of the Four Horse­men of the Apoc­a­lypse. For cen­turies, Pesti­lence did his job, spread­ing plagues and dis­ease around the world. He does it to keep the bal­ance between good and evil, yet he hates every minute of it. He longs to be left alone, but sud­den­ly fate seems to have a dif­fer­ent plan for him.

Search Term of the week aka How Peo­ple Found My Web­sites ~ “can­dy erot­ic south­ern “google­books””. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds deli­cious. And prob­a­bly deep fried.

Book Snip­pet ~ A short excerpt from For a Price:

Nick though, didn’t stop to chat. He con­tin­ued guid­ing her with his strong hand press­ing against her spine, and his long strides led her around the cor­ner of the estab­lish­ment, in the same shad­ows where she watched him before. He took her by both arms, and backed her against the cool brick.

You didn’t answer my question.”

She could smell his breath. Taste the moist puffs of air against her mouth. Her heart pound­ed in excite­ment. Such high­hand­ed treat­ment should have made her livid, but instead it lit a fuse on a pow­der keg of desire. Look­ing into his appeal­ing face, she couldn’t even remem­ber the question.

I thought you want­ed to kiss me,” she said almost inaudibly.

And then he did. His firm mouth cov­ered hers. She indulged in the scent of his spicy cologne, the feel of his warm lips. She part­ed hers, and bold­ly dart­ed her tongue inside his mouth. Whiskey nev­er tast­ed so damn good.

Okay folks. Have a great New Year, be safe and respon­si­ble. See you next year!

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