Saturday Status 6/14/14

Howdy! It’s a breezy (as usual) sum­mery day here on top of this moun­tain. Isn’t this the coolest tree? It’s at a local park here. I feel like I’ve stepped into a Dr. Seuss book. I’ve got a bunch of dri­ving to do in the next few days, but I’ve got just enough time to catch you up on what I’ve been up to:

Work in Progress News ~ I haven’t accom­plished much this week. I’m so ashamed of myself. Still, I open my wip every day, and get a lit­tle bit done. Luck­ily I have Trina M. Lee who will keep me in line and focused.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Sorry. I know you’re prob­a­bly sick of Let it Go. But this one is “Africanized”!

Back­list News ~ For a Price, Olivia’s very first pub­lished novella is now FREE at many retail­ers, and hope­fully the rest will get with the times. I wrote this book over a long week­end, after read­ing an arti­cle about a woman auc­tion­ing off her vir­gin­ity. Check it out! You’ve got noth­ing to lose:


Tweet of the Week ~

16094280What I’m read­ing ~ The author of this book passed sud­denly last week. If you feel so inclined, and if you enjoy roman­tic sus­pense, you might give this a try. Every lit­tle bit will help her young fam­ily dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time. I hon­estly haven’t read it yet, but it really looks good!

For two years, State Trooper Kayne Dobrescu has wanted only one thing: to under­stand why his wife inex­plic­a­bly killed their chil­dren and then her­self. Mem­o­ries haunt his days and lay siege to his nights, leav­ing him ques­tion­ing his rea­sons for liv­ing. 

Jes­sica Hall­statt became a widow and sin­gle mother the night her fire­fighter hus­band died in a fiery explo­sion at an acci­dent scene. While her hus­band may have died a hero, he left Jes­sica with deep emo­tional scars that haven’t begun to heal. 

When Kayne accepted a trans­fer to the moun­tain town of Payson, Ari­zona, he never expected to meet any­one like Jes­sica. From the moment he pulled her over for speed­ing, he was drawn in by her whiskey-colored eyes and sassy dim­ple. He knows she and her chil­dren are a for­ever type pack­age, and he’s vowed never to give any­one the power to destroy him again. Yet fate has other ideas, throw­ing Kayne and Jes­sica together in a fight against an unknown enemy to save the life of a child—and hope­fully one another. 
Today’s Tear­jerker ~

Book Snip­pet ~ From Cover Story:

She pulled him down for another kiss. His tongue made danced in her mouth, his lips gen­tle but demand­ing, his hands mov­ing in per­fect har­mony with the rest of his body to make her feel his kiss from head to toe. Like two teenagers dis­cov­er­ing sex, they were tan­gled in each other. She only pulled away from his mouth to breathe and whis­per encour­age­ment and praise in his ear.

He looked down to grin at her. When she smiled back, he again cov­ered her lips with his.

Music. A jaunty tune, even muf­fled by the bed­ding rang clear through the room.

Cate bit her lip, her amuse­ment clear.

His head rose, and he grinned up at her. “They can leave a mes­sage.” He went back to his seduc­tion of her shoul­der, ignor­ing the per­sis­tent ringing.

Before it even stopped, there was a pound­ing on the door.

I know you’re in there, Bo. I can hear your phone.”


Okay folks, that’s it for me.  Have a great weekend.