Saturday Status 2/22/14

Hello! Stay­ing warm out there? It’s been so windy around here, but like they say, if the wind ever stopped, the whole pop­u­la­tion would fall over.

Work in Progress News ~ I wrote a new chap­ter one, because my MCs have zero chem­istry. Now there’s chem­istry but the premise is bor­ing. Ugh! I’ve got them both open now, try­ing to decide what to do. This writ­ing stuff is hard, y’all! Maybe I’ll work on some­thing else until some­thing comes to mind. My back burner has like 15 flames going by the way.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ This is from my favorite B52 album. She Brakes for Rainbows:

Tweet of the Week ~

Indus­try News ~ I got noth­ing. Any news out there?

What I’m read­ing ~ The Devil of Kil­martin is not my usual read, which is one rea­son I picked it out of my TBR pile:

As the chief of the Lach­lan clan, Symon MacLach­lan vows to pro­tect the fiery-haired lass whose gen­tle touch relieves the demons claw­ing at his soul. Despite her fierce denials, he is cer­tain Elena is the leg­endary Lam­ont healer — and cer­tain that he must have her for his own.

Lov­ing the author’s voice! And there are kilts, so…

Today’s Tear­jerker ~ Because I can’t watch enough of these

Book Snip­pet ~ From Wyoming Solace:

What can I do for you, Mr. Camp­bell?” She spun around to face him, clutch­ing the bed sheet to her chest. With­out pause, he cov­ered the dis­tance between them with two steps. He stud­ied her upturned face for only a heart­beat before he pulled her by the shoul­ders against his body, crush­ing the sheet between them. Her damp shirt had chilled her chest, which only empha­sized his warmth.

Stunned, she blinked a few times to cen­ter her­self. Yes, a man’s body pressed against her, the for­eign scent of tobacco and cof­fee fur­ther evi­dence that this was indeed happening.

She gripped his shirt­sleeves to keep from melt­ing into the gravel. When the sit­u­a­tion did sink in, her entire body tensed, indeed her inter­nal organs con­stricted, and her mind began the famil­iar retreat from real­ity. If she sep­a­rated her­self, it wouldn’t hurt.

His hand, hot against the small of her back, crushed her against his ribs, while the other moved around from her back up to her rib cage and to the outer swelling of her breast.

His thumb tested the firm­ness, and her mind zigzagged, caught between fear and…something else. Some­thing inex­plic­a­ble tried to draw her out. Some­thing in this assault enticed her to par­tic­i­pate. She fought the temp­ta­tion. She wouldn’t relax; she couldn’t embrace this. It would turn ugly at any moment. Although, for some rea­son she couldn’t fathom, her hands weren’t restrained in any way. Still, she wouldn’t even think about push­ing him away. It was safer that way. She wouldn’t want to anger him. And there was some­thing about the pres­sure of his fin­gers against her, the way he caressed with­out mov­ing, that intrigued more than fright­ened her.

Cody dipped his head, only to brush his lips against her ear. “My name is Cody…”

Okay, since this book is set in Wyoming, imag­ine those sheets on the line blow­ing and whip­ping around until they’re shred­ded, and these two yelling to be heard over the roar and squint­ing against the dust that’s fly­ing… Oh…sorry…that’s not very roman­tic. I’ll just leave it as is.