Saturday Status

Howdy folks. I’m sitting here beneath my heated throw, and I’m here to tell ya: Summer is over. I’m not sure if you’re as upset about it as I am, but I’m also nursing a big glass of wine to take the edge off.

Work in Progress News ~ I’ve been hopping around on projects. I REALLY want to write Dean’s story Rising Heat. Of the 18 or so wips in my file, that’s the one I’d love to finish first. But every time I open it, Dean just crosses his arms and shakes his head. Not sure what his problem is, but he’s really starting to make me mad. So I’ve been writing a little bit in others just to keep my fingers loose. Dean will come back to me. On his knees, begging for his story to be told.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia is a pretty cool song, but then the Piano Guys got a hold of it and put an ethnic twist to it and…well…check it out:

Tweet of the Week ~

Industry News ~ Goodreads has changed its terms. While it tries to control the bullying that it’s becoming known for, it’s implemented a new policy where reviews focused on the author and not the book will be deleted. Many reviewers awoke to missing reviews and even deleted “shelves” where they organized badly behaving authors. I try to stay away from Goodreads as a rule, it’s more for readers than authors, so the policy change doesn’t affect me much (unless I’m on one of the badly behaving lists?! Which I shouldn’t be…I’m an angel sent from heaven above.)

What I’m reading ~ I read a few books since we last spoke, but none were noteworthy so I won’t mention them here. I also reread Aidan and Ethan by Cameron Dane. This was the first book I’ve read by Cameron, and it hooked me. She’s an amazing author and I love just about every word she writes.

Today’s Tearjerker ~ Seriously. Grab a Kleenex:

Once dark, the entire old house seemed to settle in, curl up like a cat in front of a fireplace. Carter stood in the kitchen, staring at the closed door that stood between him and his best friend. He wouldn’t let the thought of walking downstairs and taking Mario into his arms form in his mind. Not going to happen.

So why wouldn’t his feet move?

He relaxed his jaw to breathe through his mouth. His eyes started to water from staring at the dark door, but he seemed glued in place.

Go to bed, Carter. The sooner you get to sleep, the sooner you can put this weirdness behind you. He repeated the order a few times before he took a step backward. Just as he did, the door opened.

Mario entered the kitchen, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. He kept hold of the doorknob. Even from across the room—lit only by the neighbor’s back porch light shining through their uncovered windows—there was no mistaking the desire oozing out of every pore.

I guess that’ll do it for me! Hope you enjoy your weekend!