Saturday Status 5/5/12

It’s Cinco de Mayo! To me, that means Mex­i­can food for lunch!  Please cel­e­brate respon­si­bly today. Make sure what­ever you beat with a stick really is a piñata.

Favorite Song of the Week ~ A few weeks ago, I shared a song (that I still love, even though many are over­play­ing it) by Gotye, “Some­body that I Used to Know”. Here’s Bad Lipread­ing with their take on Gotye’s video. Be sure to hit the cap­tions but­ton for the full effect.

Work in Progress News ~ Work­ing on my pilot story. I had a few thou­sand words in, then decided it needed to start at a dif­fer­ent point in the story, so I started over. This is where plot­ting might help. Still, now that I fig­ured out the prob­lem, I should be able to go full steam ahead!

Indus­try News ~ It looks like Tar­get is going to stop car­ry­ing Kin­dles in their stores, cit­ing “con­flict of inter­est”. This means that likely many shop­pers visit Tar­get to see and touch a device, then pur­chase from Ama­zon any­way. Also, Microsoft and Barnes and Noble are team­ing up. Imag­ine Win­dows on a Nook, folks. That could change the tablet wars as we know it, and con­sumers win!

Search Term of the week aka How Peo­ple Found My Web­sites ~ Noth­ing too enter­tain­ing, but this one made me smile: “beau­ti­ful sat­ur­day sta­tus”. I’ll take that as a compliment!

What I’m read­ing ~ The Psy­chic and the Sleuth by Bon­nie Dee and Sum­mer Devon. I’m not sure what it is about his­tor­i­cal m/m sto­ries that just make me auto­buy. This one is won­der­ful, with a great plot. Robert Court is an inspec­tor, try­ing to debunk Oliver Marsh’s claims of psy­chic abil­ity. He doesn’t expect Oliver to sud­denly spout clues to a mur­der close to Robert’s heart.

Hero Quote ~ So, sorry about last week’s quote. That entire scene was cut, so it’s no longer there. I don’t have any­thing new for him yet either, at least noth­ing quote-worthy. So here’s a quote from Mario, from Flipped:

Tiny Tim? A com­plex? The only com­plex that boy will ever suf­fer from is the Napoleon kind. From his overblown cock­i­ness, I could tell he had more dick in his per­son­al­ity than he could ever have in his pants.”

I guess that’s it for me. Have a great week, everyone!