Saturday Status

Wel­come! Hap­py East­er Week­end! I hope you’re hav­ing a great time gorg­ing on jel­ly beans and crème eggs. I don’t know about you, but I think East­er has the best can­dy of all the hol­i­days. Each year I stock up on these guys–>

If you’ve nev­er tried them, you haven’t lived. Also, if you’ve nev­er tried them, don’t start. I can’t take the com­pe­ti­tion in the stores any­more. Already they sell out with­in hours of being stocked onto the shelves. (Mouth is water­ing right now!) But enough of that. Here’s what I’ve done all week:

Favorite Song of the Week ~ Okay, this is fun­ny right here:

I know it’s not very Eas­t­er­ish, but it has a bun­ny!! Good luck get­ting rid of that ear­worm, by the way…

Work in Progress News ~ Well again, I didn’t get many words in on Dean’s sto­ry, but I’ve been get­ting ready for the Romance Times Booklover’s Con­ven­tion, which starts on Wednes­day! I’ll be fly­ing out of the windi­er city to the Windy City on Tues­day. I sim­ply can­not wait.  I made some nifty mag­nets with my logo on them. I’m pret­ty proud of me, and my crafty self! I can’t take cred­it for the idea tho, I got a mag­net just like this from a Scentsy lady.  Then I put my free reads on a CD (and added a bonus nov­el on ran­dom discs) and burned my logo on the front. Pret­ty cool look­ing, yeah? Thanks to for the way awe­some and use­ful logo

Indus­try News ~ Back in 2010, Google put its feel­ers out into the indy book mar­ket, sell­ing ebooks via a beta pro­gram. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Google is pulling the plug on that pro­gram as it intro­duced the new Google Play for­mat. I guess the rev­enue just wasn’t there.

Search Term of the week aka How Peo­ple Found My Web­sites ~ This one has popped up in var­i­ous forms over the weeks, and I thought I should address it. “retreat by alan­na coca detailed review” I’ve also seen “Alan­na Coca Retreat detailed syn­op­sis” and “Retreat spoil­ers”. It seems that the fact that the hero Jake is mar­ried in the book Retreat is giv­ing some read­ers the willies. I won’t post a detailed review or spoil­ers any­where online, lest I spoil it for oth­ers, but I am more than hap­py to answer your ques­tions about Retreat via email. I can be reached at I love to hear from my read­ers!

What I’m read­ing ~ I fol­low Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz on Twit­ter. I heard a dis­cus­sion about their joint­ly authored book. Pow­er Play: Resis­tance. I went to the publisher’s site and read the excerpt, and I was hooked. It’s book one in a series, and I already checked for book two (June, 2012) so at least they aren’t mak­ing me wait! I fell for Bran, espe­cial­ly his inter­nal dia­logue. This book is not for the faint of heart.

Hero Quote ~ from Treat, the free read pre­quel to Retreat.

City folk have a strange sense of civ­i­liza­tion.”

That’s all for me. Don’t expect an update next week, unless I find some time in between the RT work­shops. I’ll be tweet­ing pic­tures as I go, so fol­low me!


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