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Wel­come! I hope you’re enjoy­ing your romp across the web! What bet­ter way to kick off your Valentine’s sug­ar rush? If you’re one of my reg­u­lar blog read­ers, click HERE to hop on the tour bus, it will take you through the sites, and stick around for our draw­ing for a Nook Touch and more!

I start­ed out writ­ing a short lit­tle scene for this post, and I’m afraid it got longer than I expect­ed. So I put it in a Calameo doc. Just click the lit­tle arrow cir­cle on the right to turn the pages.

You can also down­load the scene to read lat­er if you want to read but you’re anx­ious to get mov­ing along, just click the arrow point­ing at the tray.

I guess that’s a tray.

Not real­ly sure.

Any­way, this is a scene fea­tur­ing a sup­port­ing char­ac­ter in my book Pre­View. Ash­ley is Ryann’s best friend, and I’ve always thought she need­ed a hap­pi­ly ever after of her own.



Thanks for join­ing us! Have a great Valentine’s Day. Please stop by Gem’s Place on Sun­day at 7pm EST, where we’ll be chat­ting and draw­ing the Nook win­ner, as well as win­ners for a ton of oth­er prizes.

26 thoughts on “Cupid’s Choice Blog Hop

  1. Thank you for the ‘not so short’ sto­ry! ;D Tak­en a copy to read lat­er. Thank you! Hap­py Valen­tines!

  2. Ooh, now I have to push Pre­view up on my TBR list! Oh and I have to say it’s cool how you got Ryann’s eyes to blink on the cov­er. Admit­ed­ly it freaked me out at first but still cool.


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