Six Sentence Sunday

Wel­come! I’m sit­ting in the hotel lounge post­ing these six. Roman­tic Times Booklover’s Con­ven­tion is a great event, and if you’re an author, or an aspir­ing author, I real­ly encour­age you to make it to one. I’ll be there next year!

Okay, on with this week’s six:

He got her all put back togeth­er, now we just have to wait and see.”

Kristo­pher Stan­field was the best. Now she knew she’d live through this. Brynn couldn’t believe how hard it was to open her eyes. When the strain became too much, she whim­pered. The sound shocked her, and gave her a burst of ener­gy.

Brynn?” Susan shout­ed, then Brynn heard her foot­steps cross the room before her hand was lift­ed off the bed.

That’s it for me! As you’re read­ing this, I’m prob­a­bly in the air on my way home. Pumped now, I just want to write and write and write.…

17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Love this scene of her aware­ness through sens­es oth­er than sight as she begins to recov­er, post-surgery. Great Six!

    Sounds like you had an ener­giz­ing blast at RT. Will you be going to RWA?

  2. Makes me won­der what she’s going to see when she final­ly looks in the mir­ror.
    “He’s the best.”
    “Put her back togeth­er.”
    Nice crank on the ten­sion.

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