Six Sentence Sunday 12/11/10

Wel­come back! Last week just flew by, with all the shop­ping and hall-deck­ing. I’m still not done. sigh

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Now, on with the post:

Each step away from him snapped the last of the ties hold­ing her there. By the time she checked into the How­er­ton hotel, she felt like she had just shed a six year old skin. The house­keep­ing staff bus­tled in ahead of her to unpack her cas­es, turn her bed down, and lay a fluffy white robe at the foot of the bed. Brynn stared at the whirlpool tub in the mar­ble bath.

She could get used to this.

After a day of her world being flipped upside down, she found that good room ser­vice, a mas­sage, and a feel-good black and white movie worked won­ders to help a girl relax. She didn’t even miss Jack’s snor­ing.

Okay, so that was sev­en sen­tences. Don’t tell on me. Change one of those peri­ods into a com­ma or some­thing. See all of the oth­er Six Sen­tence par­tic­i­pants at the offi­cial site. Thanks for stop­ping by!

12 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 12/11/10

  1. A mas­sage a movie and a bit of pam­per­ing, she total­ly deserves it after the day she’d had. The last line is awe­some- she didn’t miss his snor­ing- that made me smile.

  2. Sounds like she deserves a lit­tle pam­per­ing. Though I can’t talk about snoring…I’ve heard a vicious rumor from my hus­band that some­one sleep­ing on my pil­low does that very thing.

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