Holiday Rush Blog Hop

Wel­come to my blog! You should be here via the Booknib­bles tour bar, but if not, just click HERE to get start­ed! We’ve got a pletho­ra of blogs, eye can­dy, and con­tests with prizes for you, so I’m glad you’re here to par­take in the Hol­i­day good­ness.

pho­to from

This is the Christ­mas Angel. He already knows your naughty side. That’s why he’s here in blue jeans. He’d also like to know where you store your mistle­toe.

Thanks for join­ing us on the Hol­i­day Rush Blog Hop. I hope to see you at the CHAT on Sat­ur­day night (7pm EST). Kudos to Michael from Booknib­bles for dri­ving this tour bus. On the next screen you’ll find the entry form for your share of a huge grand prize, and also the poll for you to vote for your favorite post/site on the tour. Good luck to all!

27 thoughts on “Holiday Rush Blog Hop

  1. If he already knows my naughty side then he knows he have to frisk me to find it, lol. Thanks for the hop it’s been fun I even fell off the bus a cou­ple times.

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