Six Sentence Sunday 7/11/10

Howdy! Busy week here, and it went quick­ly. I’m work­ing hard on fin­ish­ing anoth­er short sto­ry, and just when I get in the groove, I have to stop for “real life”. Darn it. I’ll be back on track Mon­day though, and maybe have anoth­er sub­mis­sion ready next week. Maybe. I missed last Sunday’s SSS post, since I had the blog tour, but I’ll pick up where I left off. Again, I’m stretch­ing the six sen­tence thing, but some of these are just too short!

You’re tak­ing it pret­ty well,” Susan observed. “I’d be a mess.”

I hide it well. Or maybe I’m still in shock.” Brynn took a long drink of cof­fee. “I’ll prob­a­bly lose it when I con­front him.”

When are you going to do that?” Susan shoved her emp­ty plate to the edge of the table, and leaned toward Brynn. “Have you fig­ured out how you’ll bring it up?”

In an impul­sive fit of rage this morn­ing, I emailed him a copy of the con­ver­sa­tions.” Brynn let the evil wrap around her lips and tug them into a smile. “So he’s not going to be sur­prised.”

Susan laughed. “That was genius.”

I thought so.”

Okay, have a great week every­one!

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